Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Review #3

Very British Baby Knits

I was very lucky to have been gifted this book to read and review by a good friend of mine. I also wanted to get some ideas for my own project. I was very excited to begin reading this book as I am also a secret fan of the Royal Family. The Knits do not disappoint and do have a certain royal theme about them. All are aptly named as such for example: Windsor.

The layout of the book is very clean cut and easy to read, there is a nice contrast between text and images so your eyes don't get too confused. Each page is the perfect mix between spacious and busy, the only problem I saw with some pages of the layout was the centring of some of the images, however a minor discrepancy.

The patterns themselves are easy to follow given that you have knowledge of reading and understanding patterns, if not I suggest doing some research and learning before purchasing as you may be at a loss otherwise. I myself needed some help at first as I was not well versed in reading patterns.

I came to be a little disappointed toward the end of the book, while it quotes 30 different knits, I felt as though many of them copied each other, they all ended up with a slightly different look in the end however at the same time where close to identical bar the colours used to present them in the images. Despite this I still felt the book was well made and effort had been put in to it's creation and would possibly buy from the author, Susan Campbell, again.

This book can be found on for the RPG of £9.99, or £7.79 for Kindle users. Link found below.

Bethany x

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