Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Review #2

Marriner Yarn

As I have recently got back in to knitting I was looking for a pack of different coloured yarn which I would be able to practice and develop with. I came across Marriner while scrolling through Amazon, they had a large range of yarns of all different sizes. I came across this starter pack and believed it would be perfect for what I wanted to use the yarn for. I also didn't want to spend an excessive amount of money on yarn that I wouldn't be creating projects out of, this pack of 20 25g yarns came in at £10.95, which I believe to be a pretty good deal.

Not only that but the quality of the yarn when it arrived exceeded my expectations. It has a nice fluffy texture and slight spring, perfect for those beginning to get in to knitting. The package arrived earlier than I had expected it and was protected with a sealed plastic coating to ensure non of the yarn was torn or damaged on route. The colours of said yarn where practically the same as they had been presented on the advertisement, and all but a couple I believe would be useful in some pattern or project. This is not including the neon orange ball.

Marriner seems to have a good verity of yarns on their Amazon page and I would definitely look at buying from them again. The only thing that they seem to lack is more specialist yarn such as wool, alpaca and bamboo. But for a beginner to knitting or crochet they have a wide range available. RPG: £10.95.

Bethany x

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