Monday, 22 January 2018

Review #1

Crochet Stitch Markers

First Larger Crochet Diva Stitch Marker was bought for a friend as part of a thank you gift. Item comes exactly as seen in pictures, it is larger than expected and can be used as a keyring or crochet stitch marker, the pendant itself is approximately the size of a 1p coin. Even comes with a free gift! This one happened to be a smaller stitch marker in the shape of buttons which my friend also adored. Comes in a beautiful little package again as seen in pictures. Would definitely purchase from this seller again. RPG: £5.49.

The second set is a group of stitch markers, five in total. Beautiful little charms that functioned perfectly even if they where a little smaller than I had originally intended. I'd say they would be a brilliant gift for somebody who loves to crochet. The detailing on the little charms are very delicate and cute, I also believe that they are a good value for money. RPG: £7.49.

Bethany x

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