Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Beagling #1

The story of Harvey.

Hello People & Puppies!

Mummy said it would be a good idea to tell you all about me for my first post! I am a perfectly well behaved pup, I do everything my mummy tells me too and I'm never in trouble. My favourite thing to do is play. Play with other doggies, play with people, I don't really like playing by myself though. Don't tell mummy but I love getting muddy on walks and drinking river water, it tastes nicer than the stuff at home! I sleep in my den at night but sometimes I have to cry for my mummy because I feel a little lonely, she doesn't like me being lonely either because she's always upset when she comes in and sits with me until I fall asleep.

I had one brother called Oreo, and one sister called Bella. I haven't seen them since I went home with my new mummy. But I have seen my beagle mummy and beagle daddy! Mummy took me on a trip back to where I was born and I got to see them again and play with them in a big field! I met my older half brothers and sisters too, and aunties and uncles! I have a very big doggy family.

I have lots of beagle friends where I live with mummy too! My best friend is Benji. Then there is Teddy, Beans, Betty, Lily, Jonesy, Gary, Holly, Poppy, Winston and Bella. There are even more but I've forgotten their names. Whoops. I'm sure mummy will remember. My favourite human people are Mummy, Dad, Mum, both Granddads as well as Susan and Ryan, Benji's mum and human brother! There are a couple of big dogs that are a little nasty... Mummy protects me from them so I don't get scared of them.

Now you know all about me! Next time I will tell you about some of the adventures I've been on!


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