Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Knitted Doggy Bowtie!

Hi everybody!

So I've finally finished my first free pattern for you all! This one is a knitted doggie bowtie, very similar to the crochet bowtie uploaded a few days ago! If you have any questions feel free to get in touch! You will find the free pattern in the read more section!

- B x

Doggie Bowtie Pattern

2.5mm Bamboo Needles
Manos Del Uruguay Algeria 75% Superwash Merino, 25% Polymide. Shade: A9275 *
Sowing Needle

* This is what I used personally, any 2-4 ply yarn can be used.

18 sts & 6 rows = 1cm

Length 20cm (10cm when folded.) *
Width 6cm *

* All sizes are approximations.

CO - Cast on
BO - Bind off
K - Knit Stitch


Body of Bowtie

Using 2.5mm Needles & Yarn.
  • CO 18 sts, K row.
  • 1-119) K rows.
  • 120) BO all sts.
  • Sow rows 1 & 120 together to create loop. Sow all edges together, leave small space to turn material inside out. Row 60 sow loosely through, pull tight to create bow’s shape.

Centre Band

Using 2.5mm Needles & Yarn.
  • CO 6 sts, K row.
  • 1-49) K rows.
  • 50) BO all sts.
  • Sow rows 1 & 50 together to create loop. Slide over bow and tack in place at front. Leave back free to slip over dogs collar.

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